Thursday, January 31, 2013

I have a feeling we're not in Pullman anymore

During our layover in Chicago we made Jacob Bergman and Garland come up with names for our blog. All of their rejected ideas (which were all of their ideas) will be the titles of  our entries. Enjoy and feel free to mock the boys.

This is the sunset over South America from our plane
The final leg of Panama to Bolivia was probably our least favorite. It started with Elise and I being separated on the plane so we sat with strangers who mostly stared at us for 5 hours. We also had to fill out a lot of paperwork on the plane separately which was also difficult. Getting our visas was relatively easy, we were ready with all the required paperwork and ended up not needing most of it. The fellow passengers and airport staff enjoyed staring at us while we got everything worked out. Customs in Bolivia is a lottery system. When it is your turn, you push a green button on what looks like a metal detector and if it flashes red the officers go through all your stuff. We were the only two white girls on the plane- of course we were chosen to have our bags looked through. 3 customs officers had a fun time going through all our bags, giggling at what they saw as they went along. They weren't happy to see the camera I was carrying for Bethel but eventually they let us go.

Bob and Kathy Golden were waiting for us outside of the airport and helped us get all of our bags into the van and drove us to Bethel. By this time it was after 11pm so they hesitantly invited us to Morning Worship but understood we couldn’t make it-after all we were going on 50 hours total of travel- but of course we said yes. So we rushed into our room, unpacked what we needed for the next day and slept. The temperature at night was still 70 degrees and humid but thankfully we have an air conditioner in our room.
Our room! The towels were wrapped in the shape of flowers. We had a welcome letter and folder filled with info we need to know like rules and passwords. There were Atalayas and Yearbooks on the table for us. They just got their Yearbooks this week so everyone is excited about it.
We have cute kitchenette and a stocked fridge with snacks! We were tempted to try a Bolivian beer but not enough that we actually opened it
Our cute bathroom. Faucets says F and C instead of H and C. A little confusing at first because you dont want 'caliente' when you are expecting 'cold'.. There are also directions everywhere of how to clean it.

We woke up around 6am which is 2am back home <--- be impressed!! Morning worship was very sweet. There were more people there than we expected (we'll give you an actual number of how many volunteers serve at the branch after our tour in a little while but we guessed around 100). Everything was in Spanish so we followed along in our Spanish daily texts and Bibles. We ate a corn and cheese pudding casserole thing. A couple at our table was learning English so they enjoyed practicing on us. Everyone told us that the weather in Sucre is very nice and the town is very colonial.

Tours start after 8:30 so with this free time we are taking turns using the internet (no wifi) and updating this blog because we didn't have time back in Panama (that is why we uploaded our Panama entry this morning). Panama is beautiful by the way, we hope on the way back we can see more of it. We also assume our blog entrees will get less and less the farther into our trip we get so we might as well do what we can now so expect another one later today.
This is the little friend Elise found while I was writing this. After taking a picture neither of us had the guts to kill it or get near it. We had a maid come kill it and she laughed at us in spanish.


  1. Glad you are there and made morning worship! Of course you are in our prayers and thoughts!

    The arachnid is small. Smile, they squish or move easily!

    Love you both!

  2. Love that you have a blog we can all follow along your travels :) Thanks for sharing. Let the excitement begin! Bob & Tracey

  3. Glad you guys made it safe, keep us updated as time allows, but don't worry about us to much, enjoy your time :)


  4. Hey you two, YAY you made it. Love the blog, beautiful pictures and great stories. Your room is cute too, love the beer in the fridge. Have a great time start Bible studies!!

    1. You're the sweetest! I can hear your voice the clearest in my head which is a good thing i promise

  5. Wait, what does laughing in Spanish sound like?! Sounds like a great start though :)

    1. It sounds like 'jajajajjajaja' obviously :P