Thursday, January 31, 2013

Greetings from Panama!

Our trip started earlier than expected because of the six inches of snow Pullman was expecting. We had big nights planned with our families and last meals planned but ended up having to leave Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday morning as expected. We quickly shoved our stuff into bags; We still don't know if we have everything or where it is. At noon we made a desperate call to Trisha Lohr to see if her offer to let us stay was still available and she instantly said yes. We're so thankful for the hospitality of her and her husband, Ryan. We will fast forward through Spokane and the delays in Seattle, navigating Chicago's airport-shuttle-hotel-restuarant-shuttle again-airport, flying over a lot of ocean, And now, finally, in Panama waiting for the flight to Bolivia.
We no longer have cell service and this is the last leg of today's journey. When we land in Bolivia the Goldens from Bethel will be picking us up. First we have to get our visas so pray for us! We will start taking pictures once we get to Bethel but none yet since we're not fit to be seen. We can't wait to unload all the stuff we are transporting for Bethelites, our bags are so heavy!!
So far, the plan is to stay at the Branch for the first three days, successfully attend morning worship (once we figure out what time it is-there's a four hour time difference, we've been up since 3:00am our time), find a meeting, find track phones, book tickets and head to Sucre. Then find an apartment in Sucre. Pretty much whenever we are awake we are praying to Jehovah because we know that's the only way all this is going to happen.
Pray for us and we'll return the favor!

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  1. Even with the rush off sounds like you guys will be having a blast!! I'll have to read your other posts later but thanks for keeping us home bodies up to date :)