Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You're doing it wrong... Part 2

 Everything on the buses is in Japanese. Why? No clue.
 They don't believe in dumpsters
 Thank God you put Pablo because for a second I didn't know which 'Juan' you loved
 Keep that to yourself 
 Horse Victory!!! We walk past this buggy daily
 Personally I think Tic Tacs would be the worst gift ever
 Micros are often terrifyingly gross
 Galdfish??? This was decoration at a restaurant (No fish sold there...)

 The signs across from the Kingdom Hall. Just a man bleeding to death, no big deal

 Darling Karaoke Discotheque.. The weirdest.
Pacman is the sponsor? 
 Danger! Millions of babies on board 
 Candied grapes--- soooo bad
 One day while we were out they swapped our pictures for these horse portraits. I didn't notice it at first...
The wine brand name is 'Conception'... Conception in a bottle? Eww.

And now Elise's favorite pigeon ever. 
Sassy Pigeon is feeling fabulous!!! 

Sorry we haven't been updating the blog lately, we are getting to our final days and really don't enjoy being reminded of it. We have been going out in service daily and are getting to the point where we need to hand over our studies to other people. Tomorrow is our last study with the little kids and we know we are going to bawl. We really really really don't want to leave. The congregation had a little party for us over the weekend. The brothers and sisters are having us over for meals constantly. We have bought everyone's presents and souvenirs. We would really like to bring everyone from back home to here instead of leaving. 

That's all we are going to write for now because we really don't want to talk about leaving, we are super sad whenever the subject is brought up. We fly out of Sucre on Sunday and are dreading it. 

Love to all! 


  1. The horse pictures are great! Just randomly changing the decor in the house! That's awesome, maybe they thought you were lonely in the kitchen?

  2. I think the "Conception" drinkers should be followed by the "milliones de bebes" pic. . . .just saying!

    And don't we all know that how you eat is like pacman?!?!?!?

    Love you both. Enjoy this week to the full and look to the joys of the day that Jehovah has given you!