Monday, April 22, 2013

We'll be back... back from Bolivia

A rather sad, truthful title from Garland.

We're are in route to home now, and very sad about it. Instead of talking a lot about the experience in general, we'll do an update on the studies we started and show pictures.

1. The daycare.
Our babies. We've handed them over to a British sister who lived in our building. The study was in her territory anyway and she always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. The owner had us come back one extra time so we could say goodbye to the kids and then sit down for tucumanas and juice. They also gave us 2 cds of Bolivian folk music (probably could've lived the rest of our lives without that music...). I think this was the study that was the most difficult to say goodbye to.

2. Liselda
She is far more pregnant than I originally was told. She's about 5 months and showing. She is very excited. I have been able to meet more and more of her family, she lives with her elderly mother who works at one of the mercados in town. A French sister is taking her over.

3. Miream
She is doing well in the teach book. The studies have gotten shorter but she is always good about answering in her own words and working through scriptures to find meaning. After talking about what the title 'Creator' means she felt comfortable asking about the theory of evolution and what the Bible has to say about it. I gave her the brochures on the subject. She is excited to continue her study and I look forward to hearing about how she is doing from the French sister who is taking her over.

4. Naida
In the Teach Book currently and is learning a lot better out of it (probably because I am speaking less Spanish and reading more...). Her mom doesn't oppose her studying in any way and often tells us when is the best time to come (we can't understand her very clearly so we probably frustrate her when we come when we shouldn't). I also handed her over to the French sister.

5. Senovia
We only consider one question at a time in the Good News brochure. She isn't a strong reader (neither am I in Spanish) so it goes pretty slow. She had a question about the end of the world and what the Bible said about it and I happened to be with the French sister who will take her over so they made plans to come back and talk about it when I am gone.

6. Lydia
Lydia has been frustrated with her job and on her last study said she was going to quit right after I leave the country. She is pregnant (I have two studies that are with child) and very stressed about it. I was able to give her to a Bolivian pioneer sister and they were able to exchange phone numbers. It will be difficult for them to get together because Lydia lives so far away but I will pray it works out.

7. Daniella
She did turn into an official study and a lovely one at that. We have switched from the brochure to the teach book. Very bright, pretty young lady. I gave her to a young auxiliary pioneer sister in the congregation who isn't far from the same age.

8. Carolina
A cute little girl who lives relatively close to us who is studying in the Listen to God brochure. Really sweet and has obviously been taught a lot about religion from her parents. She even knows (generally) how to find scriptures on her own! I gave her to a pioneer in the congregation to go back to.

9. Layla
All of the houses in Sucre are white and brown except for hers which is lilac. She is younger than Carolina but equally sweet. When we come to the door she calls us 'Tias' and always works hard to read the paragraphs in the Listen to God brochure. She is just one block over from Carolina so I handed her over to the same pioneer sister.

Random pictures of anyone ever.
Cleo, Marco, and Juan Jose
 My Nathalie
 Mimi and Berta 

Elvira and Veronica
 Elena and Elvira
 Marcos and Brian
 Libertad, Natalia, and Katarine
 Carlos and Adrian
 The missionaries Carmen and Sonia Acunas

Julio, Keko, David, and Wilson
 Diego and Emiliano

 Our Nicolas with a llama hat :)

There wont be any more entries until we return....


  1. Oh, I knew this post was coming! :(
    Having to say goodbye to all your spiritual family there and studies, but we get you back too! :) You're both going to have so much joy from all the progress that they're going to fill you in on and all those people's lives you touched and changed there in Bolivia! Exciting times ahead, so the experience will continue forever! :)

  2. I forgot to add...Elise, I love, love, love that dress you have on in these pics!

  3. So hard to leave! But it looks like you guys are taking away some really good memories and leaving behinds lots of seeds of truth for Jehovah to make grow.

    A Missionary's Life