Thursday, March 14, 2013

You're doing it wrong...

So we've been wanting to do this for a little while. We see weird things all over that don't make sense/ are in English incorrectly. We finally started taking pictures because no one here thought it was funny like we do. Every single building has graffiti on it, usually it says 'i love so and so' or 'happy birthday' or 'dont kill dogs'.. They need lessons about what graffiti should actually do. Elise is really sad she cant find the graffiti that says "Jimmy Garcia" under a picture of Jimmy Hendrix.
Here is some other graffiti we have taken pictures of...
 (please pronounce 'crazzy' like 'jazzy')
Translated it means Crazzy Dance Returned
 Technically true...
 'I love you!!!'
 'Wowf- hehehe'
 'I love you... CESF  Realg4life'
And then what looks like a baked potato underneath
This pig is everywhere....
A puking robot. you're welcome

Food related:
 Translated this means 'Eat Lunch'
Ironically it is never open for lunch. We have yet to figure out why
 'Pizza in a cone'
It is really terrible. They layer the topping inside so if you ordered a Hawaiian pizza cone- there will be a section inside of just all cheese, followed by the pinapple section, followed by the ham section. eww.
 Are we supposed to eat our friends? And are they skinny enough that it doesn't count as a whole meal- just a snack??? (PS it is really fun to say out loud)
 What they offer at the checkout stand at the grocery store. 
And no we have not been eating smoked anchovy fillets....
 How we celebrated Pi Day today! We had a big dinner, coffees and this caramel pie. This splurge came up to about $5 each... And the pie was sooooo terrible. They served it warm so it was all gelatinous and gummy and oddly stretchy. Really gross. But beautiful to look at.
C6 says 'Fried Nooble' -- made me happy

You are doing it right Bolivia---> Zebra Crossing Guards.
They are in the plaza teaching people (mostly young children) to respect the traffic lights. At first we were scared of them but now we know they are our friends. I guess they did it in La Paz for several years and it was really effective so they now have them here in Sucre. They are pretty funny- they like to dance and add pizazz to walking across the street.

(We also hear that there are people dressed as donkeys who try to get people to cross at the wrong time... so they are the anti-zebras. Elise was excited and sad at the same time)

That's all for right now! Maybe we'll have a part two in the future


  1. I just kept laughing and laughing and laughing. Nice. Sorry the pie sucked on your pie day. I ate pizza pie which didn't agree with me. Still, technically pie. . . Snack the friends! ;-)