Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Our dear sister Prima had us over to teach us how to make our beloved Saltenas. We have a super loose recipe because she is amazing and basically can eyeball all the measurements.
 Flavorless gelatin and eggs. The gelatin is prepared before and sets on the side and you hard boil the eggs while making the masa.
 To start with we have a kilo of white flour (She had to find some other flour that she had stashed away. We bought 'intregal' flour which means it has every piece of the wheat in it--WRONG. It is the kind they use in their bread. But it explains why their bread is a little funky)
Also 3 big spoon fulls of sugar and a bit of turmeric for color
 Prima throwing in a giant blob of butter into the bowl
Then you mix it by hand until the butter is all broken up into the flour. 
 Add some boiling salt water
 Mix mix mix
 You mix/knead by hand until your arms hurt and then you keep going for another 5 minutes until it is 'duro' or hard
 This is how you measure a ball of the masa- you squeeze it with your hand and the part that doesnt fall back in the bowl you roll. Elise was freaking out about how that wasnt an accurate measuring tool

 Prima helping Elise. She said the dough should only make 30 balls and no more-- we ended up with 34. Uh-oh
 Rolling them out into pancakes
Prima's on the left, Elise's on the right
 Filling- Chicken, hard boiled eggs, and green olives
Chicken in the middle, olive on one side and egg on the other. Then you dip your finger in water and put water around the edge of the circle. 
The next step is super tricky and I don't really have a good picture of it (we were too focused on not getting it wrong). But what you do it you fold it like a hotdog and squeeze just the ends shut which creates a pocket.

 Then you put a scoop of the filling in. This part is prepared the night  before- it has oil, onion, red chilis (but they're not spicy), cubed potatoes, peas, garlic, oregano, parsley, chicken broth with flavorless gelatin, salt, and sugar. Then it sits and becomes pretty solid so it doesn't spill everywhere when you are making the saltenas the next day.
Then you pinch the ends shut and create this braid around the top. It is pretty hard to do but we kind of got it. Although, Prima's are so much more superior to ours.
 Some are prettier than others... but pretty good for the first time!!
 Her special oven
Ta daaaa!!! All done!! And the braided part always comes out darker-- in case anyone wanted to mock our burnt food

On another note I promised Billie that I'd put a picture up of our accident regarding a spider.
 Just our window on the ground outside..
 Good shoe sized hole
 Dead spider
We have yet to actually get rid of the dead body, just shut the window so we don't have to look at it.


  1. Those saltenas look AMAZING! omgooooooodness...

    Man you really smacked that sucker good! Thanks for posting! I'm gonna dream about this spider tonite. *shudder*

  2. Ok, I'm a bad mom. . . these are like dinner empanadas or turnovers. Loks good, too. And the masa making reminds me of 'Uelita's recipe for tortillas which I could never get right!

    Were you able to order a new window? And have you considered covering the hole with something to (sorry for bringing this up)keep out the spider's friends? :-)

    Looking forward to saltenas!