Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 yearbook- you heard it here first

That is a super humble title thanks to Jake...

We just thought we'd share some pictures from service. We've been having some good experiences with the tract work and we are having a lot of fun.

 This is the other congregation's board for auxiliary pioneers

Our congregation put up little worker bees for their special, regular, and auxiliary pioneers
 San Martin- one of our territories
 Service equipment: Camera, Bible and folder, purse, and UMBRELLA. Not because it rains, to fight of dogs (it happens) and to bang on doors.
 Micros (buses) dont make a circuit here, they just drop you off in a random barrio and park.
 Sometimes we pause service to wait for a protest to pass.... Dont worry please
 About 20+ people in service just walking down the street in a long disorderly line. Talking to one another, standing in the big group constantly, pointing everywhere... (Imagine anything that would make Germaine twitch in service...)
 Super crowded street by the market. You can see people hanging out of the micro. This is what it looks like when classes get out around noon
 Imagine the hills around the Snake River were populated. That is Sucre. 
And there is no river by the way
 Steep hills that we walk up that are super littered. Everyone (including witnesses) just throw their trash wherever they want.

 Sisters talking to women for the tract work. 
See the blanket on the woman's back? Usually it has a kid in it. I wonder how many fall out...
 Stairs. Imagine climbing them with 9k feet elevation
Steep hill. Preaching away


Our service group went for saltenas after door to door. There were 16 of us. Pretty adorable.

Got to run to meeting!!! Bye and loves :)


  1. You two should start a litter campaign in the congregations. You could title it "Clean up now, or in the New System. Your choice!" Either way they're going to be cleaning! :)

  2. I agree with Bridget! And I wonder after these pics how long it will be before the country committee puts that KM part about how to behave in service out in Spanish!

  3. they have people in special outfits cleaning all the time, so i think it is their circle of life-- they are making sure those people have something to clean. Ill be sure to take a picture of one sometime