Monday, February 4, 2013

Mi Casa es Su Casa

We live on the Calle Beni. It is super short and for some reason it doesnt show up on Google Maps
The view down the street- we walk this direction to get to the hall

This is the front of our building- our windows are the two on the bottom

 We put our key in the door to the building and enter this corridor. The manager lady lives on the left and we live on the right so we can just ring her bell if we need anything- we always have questions for her
The door on the left is the kitchen and the door straight ahead is my room,
 but that door is blocked by a sofa
(I was serious about a step by step tour)

Our manager's dog and the cute courtyard that we can use whenever

Up the stairs of the adjacent building is where our laundry is and it has quite the view

Our window looks out onto the courtyard and then we have a dining/living room area 
where Elise usually gets her wifi the strongest

Elise's bedroom and the bathroom
(it has a funny smell and small shower so Elise only uses it to brush her teeth in)

My bedroom and bathroom. Elise has a similar giant dresser thing in her room too, 
just didn't get a good picture of it

And here is a little poorly made map that shows places that we go!


  1. Super cute place and really big too! I'm impressed with how much you get there for the money. That's great how close to the hall too, good find!

  2. Very nice! I really like the map and the laundry shot!

  3. That looks pretty sweet, I love the little courtyard, make for nice morning coffee area :)

  4. I love the pictures of your place. Maybe Elise can find an air freshener for her bathroom :) Or make one by sticking cloves in an orange (I wonder you could find cloves in one of the markets there).

    1. CASSANDRA!!! Lol they dont have oranges here--- weird? Elise and i realized that tonight. The only citrus we've come across is lemons/limes. But our bathroom problem was kind of solved, i went to close its door and the handle came off! so we cant get in there and the smell cant come out. Its something to do with the drain... eww.