Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Holy S

Bienvenidos to our lives. All week bands have been making their circuit through the town because of Carnival. Tonight there are two 'dueling'- This is a video of the little band that is going around. The bigger one has set up camp across the street in the plaza. We feel like we are in Jericho. They drink, dance, and set off fireworks (amazing how even in a third world country someone has a stockpile of fireworks..). You can see some are in plastic ponchos because they throw various liquids on one another. The drums set off all the car alarms (which are the kind with 10 different types of alarms that it cycles through) and upset the neighborhood dogs.

We were really excited that we finally got a video of it to show you guys- but you can see we weren't brave enough to actually stand outside and film it (we did try once but were noticed immediately so we ran back inside).

Feel free to laugh at our situation :)

PS Elise co-authors everything with me (AKA Elise says hi!), she's just got a cold right now so I do all the typing. BTW she has the best timing ever for getting a cold because we cant go anywhere for days.

Hasta Luego or Ciao!
(the first one is the formal goodbye here and the second is informal<---- you learned something!!)

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  1. I appreciate that you had video evidence of the staggering drunk in the band crowd as well as well armed water gun toters. Enjoy Jericho for the next 3 days!