Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today we learned that there are about 120 full time Bethelites. The zone visit is in a few weeks so they also have an extra 20 volunteers working hard to spruce up the place. We were told the zone visit is open invitation so we're going to buy our plane tickets for it when we get to Sucre. There will be only one English talk- it is given by a brother from Australia. The rest will be in Spanish which will be fun for us.

(Click on the pictures to see them up close!)
We did our tour of the Sucural de Bolivia (Bethel Branch)
Palm trees line the road inside. The far left is reception and many offices of the branch comittee members. We dont have many pictures of the tour but we'll show you some highlights
Because Bolivia is still a developing country the society isn't able to ship their literature from Brazil through the mail system. This chart is all the ways they get around the mail system and get the literature to all the congregations.
This is what you see when you walk out from the dining hall. These are two of the three residence buildings. We are staying in the one on the left and the Goldens live in the one straight ahead. The tree is right outside our window and has birds in it all the time. The fountain is very tempting when it is so hot and humid...
A cute birdy!! Just hanging out in the park area for the Bethelites

A neat tree out side of the Dining hall

Down the street is the assembly hall. There are some offices conected to it which is where they take care of translating into the different languages of Bolivia

There was a cute board about the campaigns to work the unassigned territory and these are some of recent pictures of the various groups that have gotten together. They said Sucre does their unassigned territorry this time of year so hopefully we can be a part of the next one!
Bolivia is divided into Departments (what we would call States). Sucre is in the Department of Chuquisaca. It has the highest publisher per inhabitant ratio of 1,006 whereas the a good number of the other Departments were around 300.
This is the Kingdom Hall where we went to meeting tonight. It has open doors and window the whole time with lots of fans going. Yet it still feels like a sauna even at 8pm. We were told to wear our bug spray and we sure did see a lot of bugs. 
The congregation always have an attendance of well over 100 people. Very sweet and welcoming hall. Everyone shook our hands and gave us kisses on our cheeks. During meeting however we could hear dog fights and nobody seemed to care at all so we just went along with it.

This is Misael (?) who is 13 and these are his two Bible studies. The one on the left has been attending for a while now and tonight was the one on the right's first meeting. Our young brother helped them make comments all night.

This is Fabio. He is young and very hyper. He grabbed my hand and walked me around everywhere he could. He also loved having his picture taken and for good reason, he's so stinking cute!


  1. Awesome pictures!! And I have to say, since it's Brittany, I loved your heals Elise! :-) Glad you girls got there safe and are settled in. Have fun!!

  2. Love the pics, glad I'm not in the humidity! The pics of the kids are great as are the ones of the publishers (what, couldn't get any older ones to pose with you?). :D Update as you can!

  3. We should've!!! As it was we had to run down the street after the little boys screaming 'Hermanitos!!!' We met so many missionaries and branch committee members etc at Bethel that we didnt take pictures of-- fail. We had dinner with a darling canadian sister named Elsie and her husband Walter. Her life story was in the w90 7/1 10-13. She was a missionary in the 50s and her pioneer partner was Elaine. Now her husband is on the Branch Committee. Coincidence???

  4. I'm glad you've been able to share so much with us all, especially with such little sleep! Congrats on making it so far already! :)

  5. Keep up the good work sisters because Jehovah is certain to bless your efforts. It definitely seems like a beautiful green country!

  6. LOVE the picture with Elise and her new man Fabio. :) Super cute.